Growing Winter Veg

Ryton Organic Gardens
Thursday, 3 August 2017 -
10:00am to 4:00pm

Learn about some of the crops you can grow over the winter in order to keep your garden productive all the year round. Many people think that they need to put their garden to bed over the winter, but, with a little forward planning, you can produce food all year round.

This course will show you that there is more to winter than swedes and leeks and introduce you to the wide array of exciting crops that can be grown. We will also show you ways of getting around the difficult hungry gap period, and look at different methods of protected cropping.

This course is taught by Dr. Anton Rosenfeld. Anton has worked at Garden Organic for 12 years. He has many interests, but is particularly drawn to soils and exotic crops! On return to the UK following time growing a range of exotic crops in Guyana in South America, he joined Garden Organic where he has worked on projects with commercial field scale growers and communities.

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£ 51.00
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£ 60.00
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024 7630 3517